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What are Mobile Web Apps?

Web apps are computer appplications built with web technologies - html, css, and javascript - that are run in a browser. The apps developed by the Ms Math Master project were designed to run on smart phones and tablets. They were converted to native android by Adobe PhoneGapBuild and placed on the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore for free distribution.

Adobe has discontinued support for PhoneGapBuild since many developers have migrated to Progressive Web Apps which require no conversion to native languages.

The MMM project has developed twelve mobile apps that can be viewed three ways:

The apps were designed for use on the android smart phone, but they can be viewed online with any modern browser on the desktop, laptop, or tablet.

The apps can be downloaded to your android smart phone or tablet from the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore - free, no charge. They can also be viewed in the public domain here online as mini-web sites [Tap on icons.]

Ms Math Master Elementary Number Skills and Simple Pastimes is an on-going mobile web apps project of iXora Web Design now exploring Progressive Web Apps. We are not professional developers or a business. Ms Math Master is an educational adventure and the apps are free.

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