Web App to Native App to Android Market

MsMathMaster and iXoraWebDesign are primarily education projects with an interest in building web sites that now extends to web apps.

The process of building a mobile web app and guiding it to the android market is an interesting journey. We would like to share our experience mainly because we are educators at heart and we were frustrated by the cryptic, confusing, and conflicting information which we found plentiful.

Our journey began by taking a non-credit, online class with Ed2Go: Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5.[2013] Myth #1: no formal background is needed for the class. In reality, you better have a strong backgroud in HTML, CSS, and a programming language. Myth #2: no text books are required, but four were recommended which we read simultaneously and furiously throughout the six week course.

PhoneGap Build is a service [discontinued 2020] that allows you to upload your HTML5 app to have it converted into all the different native apps. An executeable file [APK for Android] is generated that can be downloaded to the appropriate device.

So here goes...Ms Math Master's guide from Web App to Native App to Android Market.

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