iXora Web Design

iXora Web Design began as a private one-client endeavor in October, 2002 and began accepting additional projects in June, 2008. An informal association between webmasters Frankie Bailey and Fred Brown led to an official merger in July, 2011 and several web sites were built under the name iXoraBrown from 2011 to 2013.

About the Webmasters

Frankie Bailey, founder of iXora Web Design, is a former mathematics and computer science teacher from Pittsburgh, PA. Frankie developed the Advanced Placement Program in Computer Scence for the West Mifflin Area School District in the Pittsburgh suburbs and was involved with "tele-teaching" the course via computer hook-up to schools outside the district. She received an award for excellence in technology from the PA State Legislature for her innovative work in this field.

Frankie holds a BS [Computer Science] from the University of Pittsburgh, PA and a BA [Mathematics] from Marietta College, Ohio. She has worked with computers for twenty plus years.

Fred Brown holds a BA [Chemistry] from the University of Vermont and has studied clinical psychology at the graduate level. Fred has received several certificates in Web Design and has been building quality sites for ten years. He is intensely interested in mobile technologies, presently concentrating on JQM, html5, css3, and responsive design.

Fred lives on an inactive farm in northern New England. He spends his spare time harvesting wood on the property, taking additional courses in web design, and, of course, building websites. He is an active member of Joe's Pond Association, for which he maintains a web site. Fred is no longer active in iXWD but remains in touch and is a valuable consultant.